Retired American Girl Dolls!

Tue, Jul 28, 2009

American Girl Doll

Retired American Girl Dolls!

Both Samantha and Mia are retired and out of stock.  We do have Mia and a beautiful retired outfit in addition to Jess, and our normal outfits which you can view on the video.

We also have the retired outfit, “I Like Your Style”.  This outfit has a long-sleeved tee with a flower graphic, periwinkle skort, and silver-trimmed boots with bows in back. The boots even open in the back and close with velcro for easy removal.  Outfit includes underwear and a ponytail holder as pictured below.  This is one of the nicest outfits for your doll!

Also, be sure to check our Buy page for special pricing  on our outfits and the dolls.

If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions, contact us through the contact page.

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43 Comments For This Post

  1. Beverly Hicks Says:

    I am interested in purchasing Samantha for a holiday gift.

  2. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Check your email for information!

  3. regina Says:

    please contact me w/ pricing/shipping info for a Samantha doll . Thanks so much.

  4. Meg Says:

    Hi Can I still buy the Mia and Jess doll?

  5. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Check your email for information.

  6. Jo Ann Bowley Says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Samantha doll for myself. Could you please let me know the cost, including shipping. Thank you.

  7. kathy zamias Says:

    American Girl Doll
    I had ordered a doll in September, 08 (backordered)…I cannot find my e mail response and it is April, 09 and I haven’t received an update. Any advice? Please, Please, Please help me.

  8. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    We do have Samantha and Mia in stock! If you are interested, please fill out the contact form.

  9. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Jo Ann, We tried to email you. If you are still interested, please fill out the contact form with your address, and we can hook you up. Thank you.

  10. andrea Says:

    I have a Samantha, but she needs a new hat, purse and coin that goes with it. Does anyone have any of the above they are willing to part with.

  11. Natalie Says:

    hi I am looking for the american girl doll Nicki and Marisol can you send me some prices including shipping? thanks!

  12. Vickie Kintzel Says:

    I am interested in a Samantha doll for my granddaughter of that name. Please provide availability and pricing info.

  13. Megan Cawley Says:

    Hi. My name is Megan. I really wanted Samatha,Nellie, Mia, Nicki, Marisol, Kailey and Lindsey. But my parents say that I cannot get these dolls because they are retired. Can you help me? I also have a friend named Kristina who really wanted Samantha, but thinks she can’t get her because she is retired. Can you please send me an email giving help?

    Megan Cawley, Age 10

  14. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Here is detailed information about our sale on the retired dolls.

    I will need your zip code and what you are ordering to let you know the shipping. Please use the Contact Form to request more info. Thanks

  15. ashley Says:

    heyy i would like to buy mia how much do you want for her?

  16. tina Says:

    looking to buy a nikki doll, where can I get one reasonably priced?

  17. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    They are very rare. Fill out the contact form if you would like more info – we only have one left.

  18. helen rhodes Says:

    Are these new doll versions of the original old ones, or the real deal with original packaging?


  19. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    These dolls are all brand new and were purchased before they were retired. They have never been removed from the box and have been stored in a smoke free, pet free house.

  20. Karen Harmer Says:

    Hi there! We recently got into American Girl dolls and realize that there was a Lindsey doll of the year. Is there any chance of finding one (NIB) moderately priced? I’ve checked e-Bay but the rate for one is almost $700. My oldest daughter’s name is Lindsay (spelled differently) but that is why we’re interested.

  21. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Karen, Lindseys are hard to find. Don’t have one right now, but will see if I can locate one for you.

  22. Joan Says:

    looking for Samantha, Nicki or Mia. do you have them and how much do they cost?

  23. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Yes, have all the dolls. Prices are here

  24. Kimbewrly Says:

    I have a lindsey and Nikki doll for my daughters. I had all the boxes but they got wet when we had flooding in the basement. Are Insurance company would not give us the value that the doll lost due to not having the box. Just think what those dolls would of valued at when my girls are all grown up. They no longer play with the dolls so I am just saving them for when they get older.

  25. Danielle Says:

    Can i buy Samantha stuff at the american girl stores???????

  26. florence Says:

    I am interested in Mia

  27. Elizabeth (replying to Danielle) Says:

    I wish, but no you can’t. Samantha was great, right?!!!!!

  28. Colleen Says:

    I am looking to buy my daughter who’s name is Lindsey, the retired American Girl Doll Lindsey for Christmas.
    Could you please give me some information as to where I can find her for a reasonable price? This is all that she is asking for.
    Thanks so much!!

  29. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    We have Mia

  30. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Lindsey is rate and hard to get. Do an eBay search for “Lindsey American Girl Doll” and then save your search so that they email you when one is listed.

  31. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Samantha is still available

  32. Courtney Says:

    Hello how can I purchace A nicki or a Marisol

  33. Danielle Says:

    Hi, I would really like a Marisol Doll is there any way to purchase one?

  34. Alethia Says:

    I have a Samantha doll, well what we believe to be a Samantha doll, I was telling my boyfriend about how she is no longer an active doll and he was asking what the doll could be worth. She is not in super great condition which is from the previous owner. We found her at a rummage sale and couldn’t pass her up. She has a silver eye and her hair is stingy as well as her arms and legs which are loosly connected to her body. Is there any way I could get an estimate on how much she is worth?

  35. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Check eBay.

  36. T Carter Says:

    Do you still have new Mia dolls?

  37. Ally Says:

    Hi can I get chrissa doll please

  38. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Here is the link.

  39. Sapphire Says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a Mia and Jess with “bonus outfits” but I can’t find the videos that the post says there are that describe the bonus outfits. Can you please give me the link?

  40. Alexandra Says:

    Hi want to parchase Samantha want to know if you still have her?

  41. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Hi Alexandra, we are sold out of Samantha.

  42. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Right now we only have Mia.

  43. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    @ T Carter,
    We have Mia. You can purchase here.