Sun, Aug 3, 2008



Kailey is American Girl Doll’s 2003 Doll of the Year.  This surfer was extremely popular and is very rare in new condition.  Her accessories are also in demand.

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  1. Eva Says:

    I want it save 1 or 2 in stock for me

  2. kailey Says:

    my name is kailey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kailey Says:

    my name is kailey too!!!!!!

  4. Beekman34 Says:

    Just wondering if Kailey can still be found anywhere? My daughter’s name is Kaylee and she went to AG NY for a birthday party this past summer and the employees there mentioned about the retired Kailey doll and gave her the Kailey book. Now she is into AG dolls and she wants Kailey to be her first AG doll. Any help in possibly locating one would be greatly appreciated. Have looked on Ebay and Amazon. Thanks

  5. Michal Lee Says:

    I bought a doll that my daughter is sure is Kailey at a yardsale. Her body tag, however, says 2008. All indication and other research
    makes me also believe she is Kailey except for this baffling tag. Any clues?

  6. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    You can send us a picture and we can take a look for you.

  7. Michelle Says:

    how do i get a Kailey doll? my daughters name is Kailey and i want to buy her one for easter!! thank you!! 🙂

  8. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Kailey is very hard to find. We sold out a while ago. We do have Jess and Mia if interested. thx