Mia Doll of the Year 2008 revised

Mon, Sep 1, 2008


Mia Doll of the Year 2008 revised

American Girl Doll announced the Doll of the Year, Mia, in January, 2008.  Mia, is an athlete and spreading messages of healthy competition.

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  1. Rebecca Arnold Says:

    My daughters name is Mia and the doll looks alot like her. I would like to purchase the doll for Christmas, however they are on backorder through the American Girl website. Do you have any available and if so what is the price?


  2. nikita Says:

    i love theas dolls

  3. Kate Says:

    How much is Mia? I didn’t like her in 2008 and now I like her and want her in 2009.

  4. jenna Says:

    I love Mia. I might buy her off of ebay. she is so cute. My american girl dolls in order: Sonali
    How much is mia?

  5. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Here is all the info about buying the dolls

  6. mirpandalo Says:

    wow this is asome u have jess i totally envy u

  7. agdlover Says:

    Can we still get Mia or is it when you are sold out you can’t get them anymore?

  8. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Mia is available. See the top of the page.

  9. agdlover Says:

    Oh ok thanks right after I finish saving up for Emily I will definetly start saving up for Mia.

  10. aglover Says:

    If possible please save a Mia doll for me.

  11. agdlover Says:

    I decided to get Mia instead so please save one for me if possible!

  12. madisson Says:

    for the doll and the four outfits is it mia 4 outfits?

  13. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    Madisson, It is the 4 outfits shown on the video on the right.

  14. Brittney Says:

    Is Mia still available? If so, is she brand new and in the original American Girl box?

  15. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    @ Brittney
    You can purchase the dolls directly here:

  16. madisson Says:

    is the doll new in the box clothes in all not open

  17. Georgia Says:

    Can you save one for me!!

  18. Anthony dizenzo Says:

    Are the dolls new in their box

  19. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    The dolls are new and fully adhered to the box.

  20. Tiffany Says:

    Can you tell me if you have any Mia dolls for sale?

  21. American Girl Doll Collection Says:

    @ Tiffany,
    Mia is still available.